Week-Long Art Intensives, during Spring Break and the Summer

Register before March 15 for $450. Register for 2 or more weeks for $400 each week. 15% sibling discount.  (After March 15, the cost is $500 per week.)


Explore the history of writing as we make projects like an Inca Quipus, a Hieroglyph Tablet, a Secret Decoder, a Tile of Ramesses II, and Amerindian Pictograms.


Build a house as in Walnut Grove, 1870 – a pioneer town out west – with a post office, a general store, and a school house. Learn about the Pony Express and the Oregon Trail.

July 30 – Aug. 3   THE AZTECS:

Explore Aztec history and all of its artisic inspiration. Learn about the origin of red paint from the Mexican Cochineal bug.

 August 13-August 17   HUCKLEBERRY FINN:

Kid friendly reading of the Mark Twain classics, exploring Southern lore and geography.

August 27-31   THE TITANIC:

Was this the ship that not even God could sink? We’ll learn about maritime transportation while building a miniature replica of the iceberg crash.

Art-Intensive Week Details 

The weeks run from Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm. Held at our Williamsburg studio at 369 Hooper St. between S.2nd and S.3rd St. As weather allows we will eat lunch outdoors at a nearby park that also hosts a sprinkler. 

AFTER SCHOOL DIORAMA CLASS Spring 2018 || Ongoing- June 21

How to sign up? REGISTER NOW and then PAY YOUR DEPOSIT

Teaching history and cultural awareness through art and sculpture, Goose Grease offers intense art class after school in our new space at 369 Hooper St., between S. 2nd and S. 3rd St. Requires full semester commitment. We pick-up from Brooklyn Arbor. 

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays: Greek Mythology All ages

Students will learn all about Greek Mythology while making dioramas centered around various classical myths.

Mondays 2:45 – 5:30 PM (Limited Seats Available)

Tuesdays Spanish/English 2:45 – 5:30 PM (Limited Seats Available)

Wednesdays 2:45 – 5:30 PM (Openings Available!)

Art Adventurers will focus on process and art exploration. Adventurers will learn about different types of clay and how to use a hot glue gun. Art Adventurers will begin to study pandas and continue to explore different animal habitats. 

Thursdays: 2:45 - 4:30 PM Art Adventurers Pre-K, K, and 1st.

Our Spanish/English bilingual Wednesday class is excited to have finished their Under The Sea Dioramas!
During each class we plan to teach the students 1-2 specific projects and we always allow them ample time to develop their own ideas using the skills they have learned from their teacher-lead activity.
Four of our students, hard at work while listening to the story of Treasure Island.
The inside of the laundromat in a student's Brooklyn Brownstone. We used this session as an opportunity for learning about The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.
A Himalayan Diorama, almost finished. 
 While learning about Coney Island and all of its beautiful history, we made a Ferris Wheel and a Marble-Roller Coaster. 
A student from our summer Doll-House intensive, showing off his zip line and draw bridge.