Join us at Two Boots on Driggs Ave. for our Student Art Show! Thursday, June 21st, 5:30pm

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Our Spanish/English bilingual Wednesday class is excited to have finished their Under The Sea Dioramas!
During each class we plan to teach the students 1-2 specific projects and we always allow them ample time to develop their own ideas using the skills they have learned from their teacher-lead activity.
Four of our students, hard at work while listening to the story of Treasure Island.
The inside of the laundromat in a student's Brooklyn Brownstone. We used this session as an opportunity for learning about The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.
A Himalayan Diorama, almost finished. 
 While learning about Coney Island and all of its beautiful history, we made a Ferris Wheel and a Marble-Roller Coaster. 
A student from our summer Doll-House intensive, showing off his zip line and draw bridge.